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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Observations of Obama campaign workers at VA State Fair

This Sunday I was working at the Romney/Ryan booth at the Virginia State Fair.  First, thanks to all of the amazing people who stopped by to express their commitment to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket as well as for George Allen who is running for the Senate here in VA.

If anyone says there is just one 'type' of person voting for R&R they are either ignorant or lying.  People of every gender, race, ethnic group and even social interests stopped by.

There was the great young couple who many would target at Obama supporters who were anything but. They looked like a super cool rock and roll couple and they were firm Tea Party members. There was the lady in her sixties who had just become an American Citizen and who was thrilled to be able to vote for the first time in the U.S. for Romney and Ryan. The young black family that stopped by to assure us that no only were they going to put out the Romney/Ryan yard sign they were picking up but that it was the fifth sign they were getting because they kept getting pulled down. Fearless against the grief they were taking in their neighborhood. So many young voters stopped by who were taking this election, their first to vote, very seriously. It was heartening. Our booth was busy non stop all day.

One of the disturbing things people kept sharing was that when they passed the Obama booth wearing their Romney/Ryan stickers two things stood out to them. 1. No one was lingering at the Obama booth to speak of and 2. the workers were rude to them if they stopped to converse.  There was no attempt to be civil and have a discussion they were just rude and in some instances abusive. One person witnessed a female Obama worker leaning over the table to poke a person in the chest calling them an Asshole.  I can say there was no such behavior at our booth.  The closest thing I saw to rude was done to us not by us. A young black child wearing an Obama sticker pushed our material off our table while flipping us the universal finger symbol for F.U.  This child was perhaps 6 years old at best.

Another constant tale we were being told was that the two ladies who had a booth across from Obama's selling a line of bags called 31 bags or 31 purses were being mildly harassed throughout the days because they had a Romney/Ryan  sign up in their booth.  So I went to speak to the two women.  It was disturbing to say the least what these two people had to put up with from the Obama workers.  IS this what Obama and his followers call Civil Discourse?

I think the most disturbing of all observations was a female Obama campaign worker talking to a group of young girls, and I mean young, maybe 10 or 12.  Extolling to them how Obama was protecting their RIGHT TO ABORTIONS...

I am sorry but in no world do I think young girls not even in puberty need to be harangued about their right to abort unborn children.

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