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Monday, January 7, 2013

Victoria Edwards, Seasoned Actress and friend. NOT a hardened Showgirl

I just wanted to vent a bit. Victoria Edwards is my friend. Granted we haven't chatted in a while but she is my friend.

A number of people have called me about Victoria to ask if I heard about her fathers reality show The Governor's Wife and had I read the entertainment medias description of her. Yes, I have heard and read about it in many places but what makes me boiling mad is how she is referred to either as "A Show Girl" or a "Hardened Showgirl" NOTHING could be further than the truth. 

I had the pleasure of working with Victoria four times through my own theater company New York Theatre Labs in NYC and again in Los Angeles and Victoria is NOT a show girl. She is a really talented actress who also is a great dancer (that she came by through extremely hard work and training) and choreographer. So good that I recommend her to be the choreographer on a film I worked on with Paul Reiser, Martin Mull, Jane Leaves and a number of other well known actors. She was great and everyone loved her. Martin Mull was charmed by her. She was patently professional and generous with her time and good nature.

As far as hardened, not true. Tough as nails when she needed to be, yes. But you tell me if you can be a pushover when your father is the current Governor of Louisiana? You would be destroyed with the way the press comes after politicians children. 

Victoria and I were friends for years and she has a heart of gold. She is one of the few women I truly admire for her great heart. Is she feisty? Yes, I loved that about her. But a 'hardened' showgirl. Never. I have seen so many examples of Victoria's generosity and care for other people it would be hard to count. Myself included. 

During each play I produced that Victoria was in she was the most professional of all the actors in the troupe. She was a seasoned actress and not a "hardened showgirl". Hard worker yes. Hardened, NO. 

One more little tidbit. When I first met Victoria I was producing an original musical offering in NYC titled "Louisiana Reds". Not once during the audition process or call backs did she ever mention that she was the daughter of the Current Governor of Louisiana. She was however one of the best vocalist we came across. Boy could she sell a song.  

We were weeks into the production before that bit of information became known and it wasn't Victoria that mentioned it. She Worked her arse off on her character and helped the other actors with their dance numbers working tirelessly with them and never ONCE did she ever try to get an advantage by being "The Governor's Daughter" which when you think of someone auditioning for a play about Louisiana MOST would have tried to use that tidbit to their advantage. Victoria never played that card.

I wish her the best of luck in this endeavor and at the end of the day, Think she will steal the show. Of course I think a better show would be "The Governor's Daughter". But that's just me. 

Victoria Edwards, back row left with some of her cast members from "Louisiana Reds" 

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