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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sean Bielat for Congress -Rave

Sean Bielat for Congress

I received an email today from Sean Bielat, seeking donations. I had not heard of him so I did what I usually do and wish more people would. I started researching. I liked what I found. I believe he subscribes to our founders vision of those who SERVE US.  He doesn't look at serving in congress as a lifelong career but as a way to step up and serve. He is running against Joe Kennedy of the Kennedy Political Dynasty. I am sick to death of Political Dynasties. People who want to be elected not to go to congress and serve and then return home to be a working viable member of their community. No... The Kennedys go to DC to further their Political Washington Career as a Power seeking Politician. Not as a servant to the people. Testament look at Ed Kennedy, even after he killed a young girl while driving drunk preparing to cheat on his young wife he got a pass for the rest of his life. We DO NOT NEED another Kennedy. They just want Power to hold, Not to server you but to serve their family dynasty and their own ego and power.

Now I am next to broke, if you follow this blog at all will know that much about me, but I am going to send him 3.00. Even I can afford that. It is less than a tank of gas under Obama.

Here is his letter.
Dear Fellow American,

This will be the most watched Congressional race in the country this year.

Joseph P. Kennedy III is determined to revitalize the Kennedy dynasty by reclaiming what he believes is his family's rightful seat in Congress. To do so, he's using every family connection, their political clout and vast fortune. So far, he's received millions of dollars from the Kennedy clan and their Hollywood Liberal friends—and trust me, there will be more in the next few weeks!

The outcome of this race will determine whether true citizen legislators will have a voice in American politics, or whether they will be forever silenced by the elite political class that can afford to buy elections. This is why defeating young Joe Kennedy is critical to the future of this country.

People are scared and they want solutions and leadership, not entitlement and greed. With $16 trillion in debt, ObamaCare still intact, and a toxic business climate, voters are turning away from the liberal philosophy of bigger, more intrusive government. If the tide is ever going to turn back to fiscally conservative polices in Washington, this is the year.

Winning yesterday's primary with 73% of the vote shows that I am the candidate to beat young Joe Kennedy. But I need your help to counter the Kennedy fortune. So will you follow this link to contribute $25, $50, $100 or any amount to my campaign today? Kennedy just purchased over $300,000 worth of TV ads and your support today is critical to make sure our campaign can respond with a huge buy of our own.

People across the nation are rejecting the Big Brother philosophy that says government knows best and should dictate how you and I live. Obama, Kennedy and their friends may think their government is the only thing we all belong too—but we know that's not true. We're individuals with the freedom to do as we choose. We don't need government to tell us what's best!

But time is running short to keep Joe Kennedy out of Congress. Polls show this race is very close and your immediate contribution of $25, $50 $100 or more will make a huge difference. That's why I'm asking you to follow this link to give generously to my campaign today.

As a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, I believe in a legislator's commitment to protect our personal freedom and liberty. As a businessman, I understand that America's $16 trillion debt is going to destroy this country unless we act now. More importantly, I understand that after 4 years of failed stimulus, crony capitalism, and job killing regulations, America is at a tipping point. It's time to elect leaders who'll roll up their sleeves and make the tough decisions. I will, but I can promise you Joe Kennedy won't.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Thank you in advance for your support.


Sean Bielat

P.S. When I win, I will stand-up relentlessly to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's agenda of bigger, more intrusive government. But I urgently need your help to make sure my campaign has the resources to get on the air to counter Kennedy's $300,000 TV buy. Please follow this link and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can afford to help me defeat Joe Kennedy today.

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