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Friday, September 14, 2012

Why does the Democratic Party continue to hide their heads in the sand? - Letter to the Editor of the Shreveport Times, LA

A friend in Louisiana sent the following letter to the Editor of his local newspaper.  I agree with him completely. I wish more Americans would wake up. 

September 14, 2012
To The Editor of The Shreveport Times

Our way of life and country’s real problem is not those that attack us.It is those of us that choose to ignore, placate, coddle, and refuse to condemn the actions of those that attack us.

It is a deplorable thing to witness, that for no other reason other than to avoid losing a voting block of those of Islamic faith, the leaders of the Democratic Party, as well as the media, go to extreme lengths to avoid recognizing the most recent incidents as terrorist attacks against our citizens and country.
Instead they blame a movie for the cause of the “hostility” towards Americans. What a weak principle to stand on.

When the National Endowment for the Arts funded Andres Serrano‘s “work of art”, the Crucifix of Jesus Christ in a bottle of urine, where was the outrage of the Democrats, supporting the Catholic Church and denouncing the work.

The only representatives that spoke up were Republicans Jesse Helms and Al  D’Amato. It may have been a factor in Rudy Giuliani’s decision to become a Republican. He also denounced it, in fact sued the museum to attempt to stop the presentation.

However, they did not ask Republicans to go out and murder the artists and their associates.
This abomination also won 1st place “Award in Visual Arts” given by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. Imagine that. 

Do you remember the Virgin Mary painting using elephant dung, explained to us imbeciles that do not appreciate true art, as an “artistic use of textures”? 

Would Hillary Clinton please address those issues as she has pertaining to an obscure movie made by a private citizen, seen only on the internet?  Would Eric Holder please investigate the financial dealings of the artists, museums, and benefactors of both, involved in the above mentioned “works of art”.
What if those same artists used Mohammed instead of Jesus and Mary?

The failure to face truth and reality, for any reason, will cause our destruction.

Presently the media and the Democratic Party are engaging in placating people whose goal is to bring the world back to the barbaric times of the 4th century where women are chattel and a barbaric religion rules everyone’s lives.

Considering the liberal point of view concerning “life choices” it is a mystery as to why they cannot see that their way of life is not tolerated by this barbaric theology. I ask that everyone reading this educate yourselves to the history concerning “Freedom of speech and blasphemy”, by going to Wikipedia online.
There you will find that only in Britain, Australia and even France, did private citizens do anything violent about these “works of art”, and they were perpetrated upon the art pieces only, not on the humans responsible.

However, you will also find that “art, publications and history” considered objectionable to Islam is met with a Fatwa, issued by an Imam, a holy man of Islam calling for the death of the people responsible not just for the work itself but also for those responsible for presenting it to the public.

There are scores of murders committed in recent history worldwide due to these Fatwa’s.

Why does the Democratic Party continue to hide their heads in the sand? Why is it so difficult for the present administration and the Democratic Party to say that these beliefs are not acceptable in today’s society?
Failure to denounce it is accepting it.

I pray that Christian Democrats consider this when voting this November.

Louis R

Shreveport, LA

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