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Monday, July 23, 2012

Are You a Racist?

I received an email from a reader that I wanted to share. It is a simple truth. Since Obama started is campaign for the Presidency a huge portion of the American people have been branded Racist for the simple reason they don't agree with Obama's political views. Apparently now in The United States of America you are a racist if you disagree with anything Obama supports. Even if you agree with some of what he has to say but disagree with one thing you are a racist. If you believe that someone who was presented to the American People as "Brilliant" should back that up with his college transcripts. It doesn't matter what it is, if you don't like something about Obama, you are a racist, if you don't agree with him you are a racist. It doesn't even matter if you are black, if you don't agree with Obama, You Are A Racist. Thanks to Aunt Susan from West VA for your letter.
Here is something that is so amazing, the Obama administration can call one of cleanest men to ever run for office a felon, yet we can't talk about the things Obama claimed he did in his own book because if we say anything about his past or how he has run the country in the ground...we'll be called racist! It certainly is a different time in America when you can't talk about a candidate's past or record without fear of being called racist!

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