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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why does Eric Holder feel Minorities are incapable of responsible behavior? - Rant

I am perplexed. I freely admit to being incapable of certain things. One example is I am incapable of ciphering why Eric Holder and so many democrats can get away with suggesting that certain minorities are somehow inferior and incapable of obtaining a picture id. If someone, anyone suggested that women in general were too dim to be able to navigate their local DMV for a picture i.d. and therefore would lose their right to vote everyone would be up in arms. However, he can say with impunity that minorities (the mystery of just which minorities hasn't been directly stated but we know he means blacks and Hispanic.) are somehow less capable than the rest of the citizens of America.

Hello you incapable minorities, you are less than the rest of us because somehow you are not capable of doing what almost every sixteen year old is capable of accomplishing. You are not capable of obtaining a picture i.d. and therefore your right to vote is being attacked.

Excuse me? I am personally insulted that somehow my black friends are being held up to the world as too stupid, or lazy, or inferior to acquire a picture i.d.  Oh, wait, we just mean poor people you say? Well, buddy I was pretty damn poor at 16 but I managed to get my learners permit and then a drivers licence. I was also pretty stupid at 16 too and I still managed it. But somehow 'minorities and poor people' just can't accomplish this?

Well, let's look at Florida where so much hoopla is being raised over voter i.d. laws. To obtain food stamps in Florida one must present a photo i.d.. So clearly the poor people manage to accomplish this incredibly difficult task.  So the poor are not too stupid to acquire a photo i.d.. Surely some blacks are poor, so poor blacks are capable of acquiring a photo i.d..

So just who is it that doesn't value their right to vote enough to acquire a photo i.d.? Which group of American Citizens doesn't care enough about their right to vote to take this small step that every 16 year old seems capable of to assure that their vote counts. To assure that their vote isn't being stolen. To assure that illegals and Felons and anyone else barred from voting in our AMERICAN elections doesn't diminish their own votes.

Why is it that Eric Holder and so many other democrats don't believe that certain American Citizens CARE about voting enough to make the small effort it takes to acquire a photo i.d.?

Why do they think minorities are somehow inferior and incapable of doing what the rest of us do without blinking.

And just one more thing.  In every State I am aware of you can also register to vote when you apply for a drivers license. Wouldn't that help our election process?

Again, I am perplexed why minorities, whoever they are, don't SHOUT back at these people who think they are less capable than the rest of us. "We are NOT too stupid or Lazy to protect our vote,"

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