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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obama just keeps getting more pathetic. Using a Comic book derived Movie against Romney? Rant

I am torn between being incredibly saddened to think that the person residing in the Oval office is sinking to the level where he and his campaign are sinking so low on EVERY level that they are grasping at using a movie that was derived from a comic book to attack his opponent. Bane, Bain? Oh good grief what has our country come to that it even seems like a 'smart' concept to portray your opponent as a character from a comic book? Am I in some comic book fantasy land where the office of the president is truly using this as a campaign concept? Why not just have Obama leap into a pair of tights and a cape and jury rig Marine one to look like the BatCopter and go flitting about the country poking out a well padded chest and saying "Have No Fear BatBama is Here". Can that be more ridiculous than this current attempt to distract from his villainous attack on our countries freedoms and pillaging of our countries finances without any repercussions? If we are going to go the good guy and the villain scenario, Obama wins Villain role hands down. Let's look at some of his qualifications that are typically assigned to the villain. Additionally, while I don't assert that this list won't have silly additions, I do asset it to be factual. 1. He eats dogs. 2. He is a proven liar. () 3. He associates with criminals and terrorists, some are his best friends. Oh well, feel free to add to the list. I was getting so disgusted I had to stop. Bottom line the man has no moral boundaries and certainly no ethical limitations and more than that he is not only embarrassed by our Great country he is an embarrassment and his political campaign antics reflect he will do anything BUT run on his record.

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