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Sunday, August 19, 2012

George Obama - Portion of interview with Dinesh D’Souza

I was impressed with the gentle and intelligent nature of Obama's brother George. Perhaps D'Souza was correct in his thinking that we got the wrong Obama. This clip is from the movie '2016: Obama's America'.


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eclecticmoth said...

I Received this email from a friend.

I saw this guy (Dinesh D'Souza) on Hannity the other nite, but lost the piece of paper I wrote his name on. Then I found the clip on your blog where he interviews obama's brother george. if you have read any of his (Dinesh) books, let me know. i am going to get 'obama's america' at the library. as well as 'the roots of obama's rage'. I TRIED to read obama's books myself, so I could talk to idiots who support him with facts from the books, but vomited by page 43 of the first one. One one page alone, I counted the words "I did, I saw, I accomplished..." over 30 times. his ridiculous drivel was sooooo nauseating, seriously, I absolutely could not read any further. And my family was getting tired of me saying "Pause the tv. you won't believe what that idiot wrote here...".

I was gonna let you know about Dinesh, but you have already found him. Good for you! Pass the word! XXXO

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