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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Petition Opposing Obama's Illegal Fast-Track Amnesty Efforts

Grassfire Nation - Sign the Petition

In recent weeks, the Obama Administration has taken two dramatic actions to create "backdoor" amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. First, by Executive Order, The Obama Administration announced a policy that allows hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to gain a "Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver" putting them on a fast track to legal status. Then, on June 15, the administration decided (without Congress) that illegal aliens with legal relatives (spouse, parent or child) in this country can claim "extreme hardship" and thus file for the Amnesty Waiver without having to leave the country.

From the beginning of the illegal immigration debate, Grassfire Nation has been on the leading edge in spearheading grassroots efforts to educate and mobilize citizens to action -- to protect and preserve our sovereignty and security.

These latest "backdoor" amnesty efforts by President Obama have drawn harsh criticism from key members of Congress who believe his actions are unconstitutional and Grassfire Nation is moving rapidly to mobilize an additional 50,000 citizens who oppose Obama's Amnesty Actions and support legal and legislative efforts to stop the unmitigated flow of illegal alien traffic into our nation.

The Petition States:
As a concerned citizen, I oppose the Obama Administration's efforts through Executive Order to fast-track illegal aliens toward legal status. These efforts by Obama are an affront to our Constitution and will weaken immigration law while creating a fast-track to legal status for law-breaking illegal aliens. To this end, I support state's rights to secure their borders, as well as all legal and legislative efforts to force Obama to abide by the established laws of our nation.  

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