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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harry Reid - Liar? Pedophile? Tax Cheat? Owns Brothels In Nevada?

Clearly it is permissible to accuse anyone of any crime with impunity. Harry Reid, despicable excuse for a human is stating that Mitt Romney has committed a crime - Tax Evasion. He has stated this without a shred of evidence or proof or any substantive evidence. He apparently is not required to have anything other than a vicious vindictive nature to  a take to the airwaves and state that another citizen of the United States is committing a crime and the liberals take up the hue and cry along with the News Media labeling an honest man as a Tax Cheat.

Is it possible to bring civil and or criminal charges against Harry Reid for this behavior? I don't know. Is it legal to accuse someone of committing a crime knowing full well that what you are broadcasting is false. And then call for the innocent person to PROVE that your false claims are false?

Well, Let's see... I was in the grocery store last week and I overheard someone say their companion that they had proof that Harry Reid is part owner in a brothel in Nevada and that Bob Becktel is a regular customer along with Rahm Emmanuel. And I overheard them say that Harry Reid makes sure there are plenty of young men on hand for Rahm when he visits. Who knew that Rahm was Gay... He really should come out of the closet he would be big with the Gay community after his stance against ChikFila... I think Rahm is missing a great opportunity here.  Hopefully some of those boys at Harry Reid's brothel will come forward and prove this is true. Unless of course it isn't true but Harry Reid will have to PROVE it isn't true.

And then, there is the person who knows a person who saw a piece of paper fluttering along the sidewalk and being a good citizen picked it up to throw away and it was an email from Hillary Clinton to an editor at Newsweek discussing how Hillary was leaking Top Secret classified information to the press and how thrilled she was Obama was getting the blame.  Now I don't know if that bit of email was really from Hillary to some unnamed editor at Newsweek but someone said that someone told them they saw it. But it could have been that way. I guess we will really never know until Hillary PROVES it wasn't so.

On another front I was told by someone that someone told them that they overheard a phone conversation  between who they thought was Eric Holder and Obama going over what their next plan of attack against the Second Amendment would be now that they had to back off on Fast and Furious.  Of course, I am sure that they will be happy to PROVE this isn't true by revealing all the documents they are hiding behind Executive Order to PROVE that this isn't true.

Now, I am sure that I don't have a thing to worry about because someone else somewhere else said these things and I don't know who they are or what their connection with the truth may be and certainly None of the people that have these allegations being spread about them think there is anything wrong with having lies spread about them by some shadowy someone somewhere.  If Harry Reid can do it why can't others.

What did you HEAR about Harry Reid? Did you hear he was a pedophile? Did you hear the one where he once drove his car into a woman with a baby while drunk? Did you hear that Harry Reid was a... Fill in the blanks... Clearly you can say anything. Harry is leading the way showing you how it is done.

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