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Monday, August 6, 2012

Obama Campaign Wages War on Troops : Political Outcast

Obama Campaign Wages War on Troops : Political Outcast

Overseas troops often find it difficult to vote. For one thing, they can’t just drop their rifle and mail in their ballot especially if they’re stationed in a war zone, which is pretty much the entire Middle East. And not only that, since every state has a different law regarding absentee ballots, filling them out properly can be confusing. And if they don’t arrive in the States in time, they can’t be legally counted. During the last presidential election, only 20 percent of a 2.5 million-member military were able to vote successfully by absentee ballot. Just two years ago, it dropped to 5 percent. This is why some states have laws that accommodate members of the military. Ohio has a law that allows three extra days for them to mail in their early voting ballots. The Obama campaign, the DNC and the Ohio Democratic Party have filed suit against Ohio because they say this law “disenfranchises” other voters and that it’s not “fair.”

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